Международная научно-педагогическая организация филологов

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The list of articles in this issue of the journal
  1. TOOLS FOR THE EXPRESSION OF THE MEANING OF “NEGATION” IN WORD-BUILDING OF THE GERMAN LANGUAGE - Irina Kruashvili (p.p. 11-18) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-11-18
  2. Imre Pacsai (p.p. 19-28) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-19-28 - THE ROLE OF PHRASEOLOGY IN THE RUSSIAN POPULAR WRITER’S WORKS
  3. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DRAGON AND SNAKE IMAGES IN CHINESE AND RUSSIAN LINGUOCULTURE - Yanmin Gou (p.p. 29-38) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-29-38
  4. Anna Onkovych, Viktoria Agarkova, Marina Bogolyubova (p.p. 39-48) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-39-48 - LIBRARY BLOGODIDACTICS
  5. CRITICAL FRIEND APPROACH – AN INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL OF STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING - Zoia Adamia & Nino Tsulaia (p.p. 49-61) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-49-61
  6. GEORGIAN LANGUAGE GRAMMAR TEACHING ASPECTS FOR NON-GEORGIAN SPEAKERS - Rusudan Saginadze (p.p. 62-69) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-62-69
  7. TEACHING THE SCIENTIFIC STYLE OF THE RIVERS OF THE FUTURE ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS IN KNUCA: ACHIEVEMENTS, PROBLEMS, PERSPECTIVES - Elena Mospan, Natalia Bessonova & Olga Greul (p.p. 70-77) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-70-77
  8. PECULIARITIES OF ANALYSIS OF STORIES OF I.S. TURGENEV TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THEIR GENRE IN PECULIARITY SCHOOL STUDIES - Aigul Baituova (p.p. 78-84) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-78-84
  9. LINGUISTIC AND REGIONAL STUDIES TEACHING PROBLEMS (for the purpose of integrated teaching of the Georgian language and culture) - Tamar Gitolendia & Madlena Ochigava (p.p. 85-89) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-85-89
  10. Larisa Skrypnyk, Olga Tesalovskaya & Nataliya Chernogorskaya (p.p. 90-96) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-90-96 - TYPES AND FORMS OF CONTROL WHEN TEACHING RUSSIAN TO FOREIGN STUDENTS IN GROUPS WITH ENGLISH AS THE LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION
  11. USING POWERPOINT IN TEACHING FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (FLE) - Victoria Diasamidze (p.p. 97-103) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-97-103
  12. Meri Giorgadze (p.p. 104-109) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-104-109 - TEACHING VOCABULARY THROUGH LANGUAGE GAMES – ANAGRAM
  13. INTERACTIVE FORMS OF LEARNING AS A WAY TO OPTIMIZE THE LEARNING PROCESS - Valentina Ignatova & Larisa Skripnik (p.p. 110-118) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-110-118
  14. FILM TRAILER IN TEACHING ENGLISH TO NON-ENGLISH MAJOR STUDENT - Leila Diasamidze (p.p. 119-125) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-119-125
  15. GEORGIAN AS A SECOND LANGUAGE - INTEGRATED LEARNING OF GEORGIAN LANGUAGE AND CIVIC EDUCATION WITHIN THE “1+4” PROGRAM - Ana Todua (p.p. 126-129) https://doi.org/10.33739/2587-5434-2020-3-126-129