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The international scientific and pedagogical organization of philologists "West-East" starts publishing the International Reviewed Scientific Journal


Topics to be covered in the journal include:

  1. Linguistics
  2. Media culture
  3. Translation
  4. Language Teaching Methodology
  5. Information technologies in philology and language teaching
  6. Pedagogics

The journal is published twice a year (March and October)
Reception of materials (deadline) until January 15 and August 15
The publication of the electronic version of the journal on the site is expected  until March 15 and October 15
Mailing of the printed version of the journal will take place until March 25 and October 25
Organization has been assigned DOI prefix: 10.33644
The organization is entered in the registry Crossref. You can check it at:
Peer reviewed journal
Year of foundation: 2018
ISSN (print) - 2587-5434
ISSN (online) – 2587-5523
Release form: printed and electronic
Language of texts: English, Russian,
Language metadata: English, Russian,
Antiplagiat program

Peer-review process
Submitted scientific papers undergo reviewing.
Process of double blind peer reviewing is used:
personal data of the author (authors) is not revealed to the reviewer;
personal data of the reviewer is not revealed to the author (authors).
Submitted scientific papers undergo initial control of completeness and correctness of their formation and compliance with the requirements posted on the website.
The Managing Editor sorts papers according to the journal’s categories and directs them to the Associate Editor (or to other subject matter experts).
The term of reviewing is 5-10 days from the moment of obtaining paper by the reviewer.

Publication Ethics
Requirements for the review execution
Review process stages:
compliance of contents of the paper with the name of the announced subject;
compliance of proposed paper with modern achievements of a scientific-theoretical thought;
style, arrangements of material, existence of tables, drawings, etc.;
feasibility of the publication of the paper taking into account the existing publications on this subject;
lack of loans from works of other investigators without appropriate reference;
We ask reviewers to specify if:
The scientific article is recommended for the publication
The scientific article is recommended for the publication only after completion (specify on what points and the recommendation of the reviewer)
The scientific article is not recommended for the publication (please, specify for what reasons)

The final decision on expediency of the publication is made by edition.
Originals of reviews are stored in editorial office of the scientific journal West-East.

Publication Ethics
Within editorial policy, the scientific journal West-East consistently adheres to editorial standards of the publication of the Code of Conduct of COPE (Committee of publication ethics).
Materials are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board members or independent experts, following the principle of objectivity and from the position of high international academic quality standards.
Edition of the scientific publication reserves the right to reject the manuscript which does not conform to the requirements. Authors bear responsibility for information reliability in the articles, the accuracy of names, statistical data, surnames and quotes.
The Editorial Board reserves the right for insignificant literary editing maintaining author's style.
The presented materials are not returned and cannot be printed in other scientific magazines.
The authors of the presented materials bear responsibility in case of plagiarism.

The journal have: Idex- Crossref, ROAD-ISSN, Open journal Systems,
e-library, WorldCat, etc. These are databases that are tracked by Scopus and WOS.

Each article of the journal is assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) for improved search and identification.

Publishing house «Universal»
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Address for correspondence and submission:

Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Tsotne Dadiani ave. N134a
Tel.: (+995) 599 270746, (+995) 59 608966

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Scientific – Editorial Council

Valerij Mokienko

Chairman of the Scientific – Editorial Council of Scientific Journal “ WEST-EAST”. Doctor of Philological, professor, Department of the Slavic Philology, the head of the Phraseological School of the St.-Petersburg University. Professor Dr. h.c. em. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald (Germany); the Honour Professor of the Olomouc University (Czech Republic) ORCID iD: 0000-0002-0264-0576

Zoia Adamia

Editor-in-Chef of Scientific Journal "WEST-EAST", Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of International Scientific-Pedagogical Organization of Philologists "WEST-EAST". Ph.D., Professor of Guram Tavarkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University, Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences (Georgia). ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6841-622X


Associate Professor, PhD, Head of the Department of Translation Studies and Slavonic Languages, Faculty of Humanities, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. Editor-in-Chef of Scientific Journal "Roczniki Humanistyczne KUL. Glottodydaktyka". The author of more than 80 publications, including 3 monographs (published in Poland, Russian, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Greceland, South Africa). (Poland) ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2205-5470.

Harry Walter

Professor, Dr. Dr. h.c., University of Greifswald, Institute of Slavonic Studies (Germany) ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3181-8086

Anna Petrikova

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Faculty of Philosophy of Presov University, Presov, Slovakia. Coordinator of the Erasmus + Program of the Institute of Russian Studies of the PhF PU in Presov. The author of 141 scientific articles in the Slovak Republic and abroad (Bratislava, Nitra, Presov, Warsaw, Katowice, London, Prague, Brno, Zadar, Batumi, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, etc.) ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0949-7167

Imre Pacsai

Habilitated Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor, Nyíregyháza High School (Hungary)

Simona Korycankova

Associate prof. PhDr. Mgr., Ph.D., Faculty of Education, Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Elena Tareva

Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, MCU, Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages. ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0547-6115

Antonia Pencheva

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics the University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria) ORCID iD:0000-0003-0709-9712

Natalia Venzhynovych

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of the Ukrainian Language Department Uzhgorod National University (Ukraine)

Hanna Onkovich

Candidate of philological and doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. Founder of the scientific school of media didactics in Ukraine. Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines of the Kiev Medical University ORCID.iD 0000-0001-9493-9104

Olga Lomakina

Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Philology, the Peoples Friendship University, professor of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Humanitarian University.

Nino Sanaia

PhD, Associate Professor, Institute of Foreign Languages, Language and Culture at Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences (Georgia) ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5818-0866

Olena Polovynko

Doctor of Philosophy: Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of General and Russian Linguistics Department (Ukraine); Research and Teaching Associate at the Department of Slavonic Studies, Associate Member of Researcher Group for Oriental, Slavonic and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Strasbourg (France)

Leila Diasamidze

PhD, Assistant Professor, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Master of Philology (Comparative Literature), University of Limoges, France. Research interests: linguistics, comparative literature, linguoculturology. Author of a monograph and 60 articles (Georgia)

Natalia Roitberg

PhD, the lecturer of Foreign Language at the University of Haifa. The author of monography and more than 40 scientific papers related to foreign language teaching, theory of literature, cognitive linguistics, foreign language acquisition, and culturology (Israel)

Eugene E. Ivanov

PhD of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus

Tatyana Krech

Candidate of Philological Sciences, professor at the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine), Head of the Ukrainian language department, and language training of foreign citizens of KhNUBA. Has over 200 publications in domestic and foreign publications: in Greece, Georgia, Belarus, Tunisia, Spain, China, Japan. Name of academic disciplines assigned to the teacher: Ukrainian (Russian) as a foreign language, higher school pedagogy, rhetoric. ORCID (necessarily):