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Panorama of pedagogical experience

  On 28 January 2021 an international webinar was held in Kazakhstan, hosted by: Shoqan School and Russian House in Almaty:
Panorama of Pedagogical Experience.
"Using interactive teaching methods and electronic educational resources in teaching Russian language and literature".

Iskakova Dilyara - Mnemotechnics on the lessons of Russian language and literature (Kazakhstan)

Olga Tupiy - Use of electronic educational resources in teaching the Russian language and literature (Kazakhstan)

Zoia Adamia and Mariam Darbaidze - Application of Interactive Methods in Teaching Russian Language and Literature (Georgia)

Sadik Narzhan  - Digital technologies in project activities (as part of Russian language teaching) (Kazakhstan)

Teachers of Russian and other foreign languages took part in the webinar. 
Date: 28-01-2022