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International Online Conference "Phraseology in the context of related sciences"

   Uzhgorod National University under the leadership of Professor Natalia Venzhinovich, an international online conference "Phraseology IN THE CONTEXT of related sciences" In honor of Doctor of Philology, Professor Valeriy Mokienko, Honorary Chairman of the Commission on Slavic Phraseology at the International Committee of Slavists (on the occasion of his 80th birthday)

The International Conference was attended by 143 participants from 12 countries: Belarus, Georgia, India, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine. The speeches contained the results of research from various branches of modern linguistics related to phraseology. The working languages ​​of the conference were Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, English, German. The scientific forum has become an interesting platform, bringing together well-known scientists, experienced phraseological students and beginners who are already. 
Date: 12-10-2010